Audible now wants to serve as your personal coach — the audio book service is launching audio fitness programs through an alliance with Aaptiv. Each program has a professional trainer guiding you through a progressively challenging set of workouts with a clear goal in mind, complete with a soundtrack to keep up the momentum. The first three courses are aimed squarely at beginners interested in outdoor running and stress-relieving meditation, but follow-ups in the weeks ahead will address more challenging issues, such as the boredom that sets in with an all-too-familiar gym routine.

The programs are currently free to Audible subscribers, although they won’t be free forever. You’ll have access to them until September 5th, 2019, at which point they’ll disappear from your library. It’s telling that Audible describes these as its “first” programs, though. While we wouldn’t count on more in the pipeline, it wouldn’t be shocking if sufficiently high demand prompted the release of more fitness guides in the future.

Audible is basically Amazon’s audio book service, with over 500,000 audio books and audio shows that users can listen to. It’s typically $14.95/month, though it’s $4.95 right now.

They also have a whole library of diets that can be integrated with the workout plans offered keto Atkins & the alkaline diet one of the newest best selling diets that has been on the market for years but has just resurfaced in popularity due to the controversy surrounding everyone that exposes the benefits to the public. I highly recommend a couple of books to enlighten you on this diet due to the extreme health benefits it offers one is called The Alkaline Life Diet another is Eat To Live it is also a Alkaline diet book audible is free to sign up sources say it will surpass iTunes by the end of the year.