A diet that is a high alkaline phosphate one can rapidly alter the health of a dog. By utilizing naturally accruing enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals, as well as probiotics gotten from organic raw fruits plus vegetables, meats, exotic herbs, clays, moreover oils, it is possible to re-balance organ function, effectively repair internal or even external damage, as well as naturally rebuild the dog’s system and that on a cellular level.

Increasing a dog’s alkaline intake may alter their overall health. Selecting a diet which is rich in alkaline is able to stabilize your dog’s pH levels as well as improve their potential to combat unwanted cancer-causing cells which propagate within an over acidified environment. Chapter 6 of this book explains how THE ALKALINE LIFE DIET FOR DOGS can help in cancer prevention in your dog.

Having a healthy alkaline environment can help with your dog’s health and helps with those canines that are suffering from urinary tract plus kidney issues. In THE ALKALINE LIFE DIET FOR DOGS there are detailed explanations pertaining to how an alkaline diet is able to help treat different health problems that your dog has like arthritis, gout, bladder stones, etc.

It is important to know the difference between alkaline and also acidic ph. The solutions are measured upon a scale that is from 0 to 14. They are thought to be alkaline when their pH levels will be more than 7. The solutions are thought to be acidic when their pH level will measure less than 7. If you look at pure water, this is considered to be neutral. It is at the midpoint of this scale having a pH level that is of 7.

When looking at your dog’s health, their blood and urinary pH levels can be discussed with the veterinarian. It is urinary pH that is of particular concern when the dog is likely to get kidney and bladder stones.

A homemade diet consisting of celery, potatoes, along with another natural vegetable may enhance dietary alkaline levels of the dog. Apart from the vegetables, it is even possible to give your dog alkaline water. This can be done by adding bentonites clay that is known for possessing naturally high alkaline levels. When considering bentonite clay, this possesses as high as 9.0 pH. It is also an inexpensive but good natural detox tool that pets can benefit from. This aged-volcanic clay actually has been utilized like a detoxification tool and even healing ingredient involved in handling medical conditions for some time now.

Natural apple cider vinegar, vegetable juices, along with unsweetened cranberry juice may even increase the dietary alkaline levels. The dog can also benefit from having a raw food diet which encompasses bones, organ and even muscle meat. The meat can get supplemented with the help of greens, like kale, parsley, spinach and romaine, etc., so as to further increase its alkaline level.

Alkaline water is said to improve your dog’s health in dog’s that suffer from health conditions like arthritis, digestive issues, hip dysplasia, respiratory issues, thyroid disorders, etc. It is said to also boost the immune system.

There are nutritionists that have claimed that THE ALKALINE LIFE DIET FOR DOGS along with alkaline water (especially the ionized water present to increase oxygen production within the body), has numerous health benefits for your dog. In The ALKALINE LIFE DIET FOR DOGS it explains in detail how this diet can help with various medical conditions. You will be enlightened on how to help make your dog go alkaline. If you’re considering an alkaline diet for your dog, THE ALKALINE LIFE DIET FOR DOGS will be extremely helpful.